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A True Story, Not a Legend

Trieste 1960 is inspired by the Deepest Dive the world has ever seen, by designing #MadeToDive automatic watches

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Designed to Dive

Trieste 1960 develops high end quality watches, designed to resist the deepest depths

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I have been wearing this Trieste these last weeks. 
I had a very good surprise when receiving then wearing it. Classic, clean, comfortable, I like it.

Trieste easily found its place in my collection and won't leave it.

by Mark, professional diver

The watch looks sensational and costs less than many brands charge for a buckle! 

by BlessThisStuff

I like how Trieste brings together elements from some iconic dive watches of the past, paying tribute to the roots of dive watches, while maintaining Trieste personality.

by TimeToBlogWatches