A True Story, not a Legend



The Challenge

Inspired by the fantastic story of courage and determination to explore the deepest known part of the Earth’s ocean, TRIESTE Watches has created the TRIESTE Deep Sea Collection.


In January 1960, man achieved an incredible feat when the deep-sea submersible, the bathyscaphe Trieste, reached the bottom of the Challenger Deep, in the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench. An underwater vehicle designed in Switzerland and built in Italy, the bathyscaphe Trieste is, to this day, the only manned submersible to have ever reached 10,916 metres below sea level.


TRIESTE watches

TRIESTE Watches carries on this wondrous tale of human accomplishment by offering exclusive and limited edition timepieces dedicated to the memory of the watches that were aboard the bathyscaphe Trieste during its ultimate mission.


In owning a TRIESTE Deep Sea watch, one becomes an ambassador and part of this story, keeping it alive and current, while being inspired by the values of this adventure to spur you on to tackle daily challenges and achieve exceptional feats.