The Deepest Dive


TRIESTE Watches carries on this wondrous tale of human accomplishment by offering exclusive edition timepieces dedicated to the memory of the Deepest Dive. 

Inspired by a story of courage and determination to explore the deepest known part of the Earth’s ocean, TRIESTE Watches has created the TRIESTE Deep Sea Collection. In owning a TRIESTE Deep Sea watch, one becomes an ambassador of this adventure. 


In January 1960, man achieved an incredible feat when the deep-sea submersible, the bathyscaphe Trieste, reached the bottom of ithe Challenger Deep, in the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench. An underwater vehicle designed in Switzerland and built in Italy, the bathyscaphe Trieste is, to this day, the only manned submersible to have ever reached 10,916 metres below sea level.

The Challenge

Accompanying Jacques Piccard and Lt. Don Walsh on their TRIESTE dive were three Swiss Made watch brands, ultimately tying watchmaking with deep-sea exploration to this day. Movado provided a chronometer to record the time, while Longines offered up two stopwatches, which were used inside the bathyscaphe’s pressure sphere to time the activation of the two ballast tanks.

Today, water resistance is a fundamental feature of well-designed timepieces, making them more reliable and ensuring constant wearability, while premier divers watches — which offer water resistance to 300 metres or 30 bar, as our collection does — are an essential part of the watch aficionado’s collection.

The Design

Italian designed, inspired by the bold values which made this mission memorable.


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